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Want to know the best way to sell cars? Creating a welcoming, enthusiastic environment with knowledgeable dealers. By building confidence in your customers, cars will be flying off your lot before you know it.

Southwest Florida Auto Advisors can teach you strategies to revitalize your auto showroom. We can help you create an atmosphere that encourages your customers to purchase their dream car. You can rely on us to take your dealership to the next level.

We've earned an excellent reputation across the country because we:

Have over 30 years of experience
Are specialized automotive experts
Provide excellent customer service
Provide free consultations and estimates
Can help you generate as much as a 35% sales increase

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Our experienced trainers can teach your staff how to lead productive phone calls, ask quality questions and do targeted presentations. Most importantly, they'll teach your staff how to close by listening to you and your customer's needs.

The services we offer include:

Outbound DBC
Direct mail
Saturation mail

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Who We Are:

The premier hosted sales event company in the U.S. with guaranteed results

What We Do:

Our goal is to help you sell more cars. We have a specific process to make sure your sales team knows how the customer wants to buy from the very beginning of the sale. We'll set you up with a structured needs analysis registration form that lets your team know:

What brought them in
What they currently drive
How they will pay for it
How much money they're putting down
What their current payment is
What they specifically want

We target your customer base by calling customers on behalf of your dealership. At the end of each event, we'll send a detailed call report and ROI. We also share this with your OEM's district manager.

At the registration table, we'll tell stories and give reasons why customers should buy from you. Connect with us today to learn more about what we can do for you.